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A downloadable game for Windows

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ZombSurved is a Zombie Game in the multiplayer survival genre. Survive the zombie infestation with your friends! Over the course of a typical adventure you'll fortify a base, scavenge for supplies, live off the land and negotiate with other players. The game is being developed hand-in-hand with the community, and tons of features are based entirely on feedback:

Features of the game:

  • Day & Night 
  • 3 Gamemodes (We are already working on a lot of new ones! Soon comes a "Roleplay" mode with built-in Voicechat!)
  • Many different weapons! (We will soon add a larger selection!)
  • A multiplayer mode! LAN &  Online (Hosted by
  • 5 different characters! (Soon follow more, including a story!)
  • 2 different vehicles! (2 different vehicles! (With the new maps comes planes, tanks and helicopters!)
  • 2 different tree species.

The current Gamemodes:

Zombie Land (Survival): 
Survival in the Zombie land! build a Base or a Vehicle!

Sandbox (BETA): 
Test the Crafting System, the Zombie KI and the Vehicels!

Deathmatch (BETA): 
Player vs. Player Deathmatch in Multiplayer!

WARNING: The game still lacks about 80% of the planned game content! A donation could help us when buying assets.

German Letsplay about ZombSurved (v0.1):


Russian Letsplay about ZombSurved (v0.3):



- Server with 11 Players.


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(v0.6.1 | NEWEST!) ZombSurved Alpha 6.1! (English) 33 MB
ZombSurved- Windows (v0.3) (Deutsch/German) 32 MB
(OLD!) ZombSurved-Windows (English) 36 MB
(OLD!) ZombSurved-Windows (v0.5) (English) 30 MB
(OLD!) ZombSurved-Windows (v0.4) (English) 28 MB
(OLD!) ZombSurved-Windows (v0.3) (English) 32 MB
Donation! 36 MB if you pay 2.50โ‚ฌ EUR or more

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