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ZombSurved is a Zombie Game in the multiplayer survival genre. Survive the zombie infestation with your friends! Over the course of a typical adventure you'll fortify a base, scavenge for supplies, live off the land and negotiate with other players. The game is being developed hand-in-hand with the community, and tons of features are based entirely on feedback:


  • Day & Night 
  • 3 Gamemodes (We are already working on a lot of new ones! Soon comes a "Roleplay" mode with built-in Voicechat!)
  • Many different weapons! (We will soon add a larger selection!)
  • A multiplayer mode! LAN &  Online (Hosted by www.Climited.de)
  • 5 different characters! (Soon follow more, including a story!)
  • 2 different vehicles! (2 different vehicles! (With the new maps comes planes, tanks and helicopters!)
  • 2 different tree species.

WARNING: The game still lacks about 80% of the planned game content! 

- Thanks for 320k Downloads! -


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(NEWEST!) ZombSurved- Windows (v0.6.1) (English) 33 MB
(OLD!) ZombSurved- Windows (v0.3) (Deutsch/German) 32 MB

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anyone here?


Well i hate to sound weird or anything and i know im some complete stranger and all but do you have some email for me to contact you by? if not that is alright i just had some ideas and more coming from some of my own unfinished products, and people have stolen ideas and storylines and so much more from right under my nose. again sorry to jump on this being a completely unknown weirdo

Hey, my friend and I played this game, but had trouble using multiplayer. Maybe another update



if you can optimize it. that would be great.


Habe das Spiel beim Letsplay gesehen, habe euch geaddet. (schick mir immer Updates ok?^^)


lol? NICE XD



Isn't that an eaglefire? And is that not unturned 1.1?


reminds me of that mobile ripoff of unturned...


There is a mobile rip-off from Unturned? :O

Maybe (in the future) add more differents types / skins of zombies, new buildings and differents to explore, and a thing that annoying me, the sound when we shoot on a zombie, it's horrible.. ^^'  

Maybe split-screen?

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Hey, first, good luck for the devellopement, second, I have a question, I juste played the latest version and it's normal that the zombie spawner spawn 40 zombies in one second every 3 seconds to infinity when we approach hit ? x') 

Your game is pretty cool, I go follow it, continu like that ! 

Fixed with the next update! :)

Okay thanks !

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New Big- Update!

  • New Trees.
  • New Plants.
  • Animated Background.
  • Shader!
  • Backgroundmusic
  • New Sky

another UnitZ clone D:

Yes, but we are working on updates and will soon change the graphics! :)

ahh oke I thought it whas Another clone sorry for mistaking

Very Cool game im waiting the new versions!



very Thanks for playing! 


Very good game. I'm waiting new versions!)

We have seen your video, we have some things you have addressed with the new update! :) (car is now quiet!)